Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Lutein has obtained U.S., Japan, Australia and European Union manufacturing patents.

Super Lutein contains five of the most important types of carotenoids, five types of the most essential nutrients based on the human needs and combines this vegetative function by the best proportion.






Lutein is an essential nutrient for humans but it is unable to synthesize in the human body. Apart from the good result for human eyes, Super Lutein also shows very good results for the skin, uterus, liver, blood, kidney, head and stomach.

Super Lutein Authentication of Safety

Super Lutein has obtained U.S., Japan, Australia and European Union manufacturing patents. Beside this, Super Lutein has also obtained Japanese health food supplement GMP and Japanese Omni-directional ISO 9001 authentication, and become the healthy nutritious foods association's members as well as recommended by the Japanese Association of Adult Disease Prevention.

Super Lutein Xanthophyll is originated from Kemin Industries, Inc., and Kemin Industries, Inc., provides FloraGLO®. Lutein is the world's leading patented, purified lutein and has been awarded GRAS status. (Generally Recognized As Safe)

The soft capsule of Super Lutein is manufactured by DSM, to prevent the contents from acidification and oxidation.

On the other hand, TOKIWA Phytochemical Co., Ltd. provides the pure texture and the densest of blackcurrant extracts. The other raw materials are sourced from Roche Corporate.

Super Lutein mainly consists of six carotenoids

  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • alpha - Carotene
  • beta - Carotene ( a Vitamin A precursor )
  • lycopene
  • crocetin

Complemented with nutrient supplements such as

  • cassis polyphenol
  • vitamin E
  • DHA

Carotenoids are commonly found in yellow and green vegetables such as: cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, endives, asparagus, spinach, nettles, kiwi fruits, green apples, beans, peas, parsley, pepper grass etc. and are vital nutrients for health.

Super Lutein also contains

  • blueberry extracts ( anthocyanins and Vitamin C )
  • vitamin B complex

Super Lutein is a health food supplement containing balanced blend nutrients from yellow and green fruits.

*A nutritious, function food β - Carotene ( a Vitamin A precursor ) not only maintains night vision, but is also nutrient for healthy skin and mucus membranes.

Super Lutein's lutein is specially sourced from marigold flowers and purified from marigold flower oleoresin. This lutein has earned patent protection in various countries. It does have the highest degree of purity in the world and its efficacy is two times better than others lutein. FloraGLO® lutein is the patent named of it.

U.S.Patent: 5,382,714/5,648,564

Japanese Patent: 2,790,212

Australia Patent: 700,719

14 national monopoly European Union Patent: 0672655

  1. Finland
  2. Germany
  3. Greece
  4. France
  5. Shan Mai
  6. Britain
  7. Holland
  8. Sweden
  9. Austria
  10. Luxembourg
  11. Ireland
  12. Portugal
  13. Italy
  14. Belgium

Lutein / Zeaxanthin

  • The existence spot: in the eyes of the human body: skin, serum, cervix, brain, heart, and chest
  • May protect the cells to prevent harm from the free radicals
  • Protection of eye and reduce the eye degradation


  • In existence of tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries and red pigment in the persimmon
  • May reduce prostate cancer and the incidence of gastric cancer
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease (heart disease, myocardial infarction)
  • To reduce blood cholesterol levels
  • slow down aging process, strengthen the immunity/li>
  • skin whitening, luster and increase the resilience

α-Carotene and β-carotene

  • improve the metabolism
  • Activation of the immune system
  • Reduces the degree of aging
  • reduce eye disease
  • reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease
  • β-carotene can prevent prostate cancer
  • α-carotene can prevent lung cancer, skin cancer

Vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B12)

  • Vitamin B complex can help on fatigue, skin problems, headaches and inability to concentrate attention, shoulder pain and people who have anemia
  • If the lack of vitamin B complex will cause degradation of the immune system, such as the shrinkage of the thymus and reduction of lymphocyte

Blue Berry Extract and Black Current Extract

  • enhance your vision at night
  • slow down the degradation of the eye
  • To reduce the blue light damage of computer and television
  • To protect the cardiovascular system
  • contain high levels of vitamin C
  • Blueberry is one of the top 10 health food
  • The black currant has the natural calm analgesic function

Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E also known as tocopherol and also a Vitamin that anti-sterile
  • To promote the vitality of the sperm and raise the rate of pregnancy


  • is one of the important fatty acids in the human body
  • DHA is present a large number in the eye and gray matter in the brain
  • can enhance memory and learning ability