Saturday, February 28, 2015

Malaysia Naturally Plus : A New Global Player in Network Marketing

People are always looking for ways to improve their lifestyle, paying off debts, bills, care for the elderly at home, plan for children's education fund, settling car or house loans, etc.

Rain or shine, everyone's headache to face ever mounting monthly expenses while cost of living increasing. There is always a way out if we have the will. But will alone is not sufficient without a clear vision, plan and a proper guide.

Experts say there are two ways to have more money.
Spend less and/or generate income. The first way is defensive, no doubt it is important. Therefore, it is better to find a new income stream. And it is through network marketing.

We may or may not realize that we are living in a network of relationships.
Most of the time, we are not paid to make any recommendations (referrals) to someone we know. For example...
We recommend a good movie.

We recommend a good car.

We recommend a good pharmacy.

According to the latest global statistics compiled by World Federation of Direct Selling Associations in 2009,
the entire world direct selling amounted a huge USD115 billion. The biggest reason behind this very interesting fact is that more and more people are searching for alternative ways to make money and to ultimately wanting to build their financial future for their themselves/families.

You know well, that the local and global economy has been unpredictable as the weather. It is NO MORE a question of "want" but rather a "need" to be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT and FREE.

It has been estimated that 40% of the U.S. population is involved in an MLM or knows someone who is and the numbers are growing rapidly.

And also about 25 million Americans run an internet home based business.
This translates to every 11 seconds, someone starts a home based business.

Whether YOU LIKE IT or NOT, the MLM (Multi-Level / Network Marketing) industry is fast approaching a trillion dollars!
Just as consumers are getting wiser, more and more people are becoming aware about current economic reality, and therefore seek the security of being in control of their own economic futures.


We have award winning products and a revolutionary marketing that appeals to all.
Our global vision, constant R&D, superb products, competitive payplan along with innovative sales campaign, etc all in all put us on the world map as the new, true global player.

CHANGE your mindset TODAY and break new ground in your LIFE.



Malaysia Naturally Plus
Malaysia Naturally Plus
Malaysia Naturally Plus

Friday, June 26, 2009

Naturally Plus Now Accept Payments by NETS

Dearest Customers,

From 11/06/2009, Thursday, we will accept payments by NETS.

Thanks you for your long-term support!

Naturally Plus Singapore Management

09 June 2009

***Network For Electronic Transfers (NETS)

Download 2009 June Courses Schedule

Monday, June 22, 2009

Best New MLM Launching Soon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Launching Soon in fourth quarter 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Next to open market - Indonesia, Australia, Russia and the rest of the world.
It is absolutely worthwhile to pioneer with a proven 10-year old company that is expanding.

Yes, our business is opening very soon.
You have a good, solid time to prepare ahead for this historical launch and next launch in other nations as well.
Join US.
Meet US or Talk to US (offline or online). You will be impressed.

Don't just watch us grow.
Have fun and be a part of our growth.

YES, that's right. You've had enough of motivation talks, enough of crazy ideas how to get rich through some scams. You've had enough of those short-lived investment programs. You've had enough of too many promises. You've had enough of stress working for the rest of your life to make some bosses rich. It is just too risky to start a traditional business in this new globalised era.

Come, analyze for yourself and be enlightened on how and why ordinary people here have made their breakthrough and this story can be yours. You shall tell your success story when we opened another new market in 197 nations (untapped literally). Do a global business with us through a real income + profit sharing. You can rest assured of an honest living, making money to infinity depth (word-of-mouth) referral program legitimately with an ISO certified company.

LET ME ASK YOU NOW, WHAT IF THIS IS A GENUINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY? ... and do you know a genuine, legitimate business opportunity like this is very, VERY hard to come by.

Get your ENTRY PARTICIPATION TICKETS directly from us for FREE.

Get your invitations directly e-mailed to you!

***A company built on strong fundamentals and proven by statistics and facts.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Next Wave MLM Future Wave MLM

Look around and you can easily find there are thousands of career options in the job market. However, many people easily overlook the rise of network marketing as the next major profession. The interesting thing about network marketing is you can regard it as a profession OR a business.

Like any other businesses, network marketing TRULY OFFERS countless BENEFITS.
The advantages of network marketing OUTWEIGHS the disadvantages. This means, any glitches in starting a network marketing business is understandable and the start-up experiences that include challenges (difficulties) are absolutely normal. The pathway to success may look narrow and winding, but it is worthwhile the journey. Should you meet negative experiences and perhaps looked like a failure, remember you are not a failure, it is just that your success has yet to come. Every step you take actually brings you closer to the finishing line and goal.

Major respectable corporations and management gurus, millionaire or billionaire entrepreneurs have at one time or another use, participate and/or endorse network marketing
or some form of referral marketing. So, if you are smart, you would participate in this new economy and NOT waste time arguing the viability of network marketing. Instead you should do your research here and find out how to get a piece of the economy cake.

Don't just look at why people fail. Study how people succeed. This mind set or paradigm sets a person apart between a loser and a winner.

You may think that capturing a small percentage of the global economy appear to be small, BUT the actual amount is just TOO HUGE to describe. As Randy of American Idol would say, Check This Out- You just can not argue with the facts. Be quickly educated on this one.

If we can wisely combine the power of network (referral) marketing and computer technology, we can optimize our reach in this globalized world and enjoy unlimited prosperity.

Welcome to the next super wave multi-level marketing (MLM). We are witnessing the future wave of MLM where the sky is the limit. With the 6.7 billion plus population and still increasing as we speak, the internet users all over the world are also increasing by the day. Rain or shine, business will continue to thrive. Take full advantage of what YOU can OFFER YOURSELF with our guidances and tips. Pre-Enroll NOW.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Did you know that by the time we all hit 65 :

  • 1% are seriously wealthy
  • 4% are well off
  • 5% are STILL working because they HAVE to
  • 54% MUST DEPEND on family or some kind of welfare/charity/loan to make needs meet
  • 36% are dead
Which statistics do you plan to belong to?

OWNING a home based business can be done legitimately.
YES, you can NOW START A BUSINESS legally and make a decent, honest and comfortable income.

LIFE can be filled with FUN, HEALTH and WEALTH.
HAPPINESS is a choice and so is SUCCESS.
NO ONE plans to fail. It's just that people fail to plan.

COME for a new business preview and learn how ANYONE can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM with a new mind set and a global outlook on life.
Let us tell you this - an AFFORDABLE business is within your REACH.
Take control of your life. Improve your life. Start NOW for a BETTER FUTURE.
Be a member of our global pioneer team.

Our corporate is strongly established in Japan-Hong-Kong-Taiwan-Singapore- expanding next ->>> Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, etc.

GOOD NEWS: Our company results and growth have been stable and very positive through-out these 10 years! ... And we are expanding. Will you be our next SUCCESSFUL PIONEER?
See list of potential world countries yet to be pioneered.

Criteria of the next wave booming home based business that is slowly sweeping the world from Asia. -> Unique, Simple, Workable, Practical, Affordable, Sustainable, Repeat Sales, Infinity Depth Plan, Un-Tapped Market, Credibility, Integrity, Respectable, Career, No Age Barrier, Global Pioneer Opportunity+++

All it takes to start YOU need to have a New Global Paradigm, a good heart and 2 potential contacts who wants to do the same!
It's that SIMPLE.

Pioneer Manager

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good News: Overwhelming Response of the Campaign

There are several bonuses $$$. Here is one of them.

Below is a notice to all members informing about the best effort to serve our members in delivery of products. The orders for products have exceeded our expectations and this is a good sign about the business is heading for greater expansion.

Please read the letter from our management in Singapore.

Dear Members,

Due to overwhelming response of the Campaign, the waiting time to collect your products may be longer than expected. Please be assured that the Company is already looking into ways to shorten the waiting time. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we seek your kind understanding in this matter. Thank you.

Naturally Plus Singapore Management

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 July Courses Schedule

2009 July Courses Schedule.pdf


Operating Hours
11am ~ 9pm

Seminar Time
11am ~ 9pm

2009 July Courses Schedule.pdf