Monday, April 20, 2009

IZUMIO is a beverage made by dissolving a high concentration of hydrogen in mineral water

Hydrogen is an indispensable element for human being. We have dissolved it into the hydrogen water [IZUMIO] with the highest standard of dissolved rate of hydrogen.
Its characteristic and manufacturing method are introduced as follows.

Name: Drinking water
Ingredients: Water, Hydrogen Volume: 180ml Nutrition Facts(per 180 ml): Energy 0 kal, Protein 0 g, Fat 0 g, Carbohydrates 0 g, Sodium: 0 mg
Container: Cheer pack
Made by manufacturing method of hydrogen reduction water. (Patent No. 3606466)

  1. Achieved the highest rate of dissolved hydrogen concentration: 2.0mg/L (during packaging).

  2. Produced by membrane dissolution technology.

  3. Water of high purity with oxygen removed.

  4. Oxidation-Reduction Potential -500 ~ -700mV (during packaging).

  5. A hydrogenated water with minerals retained.

  6. Hydrogen leak-proof aluminum film packaging.
*The dissolved rate of hydrogen and the oxidation reduction potential will be changed as time passed by.

WHAT IS Hydrogen?

Hydrogen – It exists in the form of water or organics, so we can hardly feel its existence in our daily life. However, it is one of the indispensable element in our life.If we count by the weight proportion in human body, hydrogen is the third heaviest element (10%) come after oxygen (65%) and carbon (18%). Moreover, oxygen, carbon and many other elements are all composed by hydrogen and that is the reason why it is called the mother of elements.Hydrogen can also be found in the three nutrients: carbohydrate, protein and fats. Especially carbohydrate (glucocorticoid) and fats could be transferred to energies, and hydrogen plays an important role when these nutrients transfer to energies.

Etymology of Hydrogen
 The etymology of the word “Hydrogen” is from the Greek “water (hydro)” and “generate (gennao)”. Hydrogen and oxygen are the elements that compose the water.

Element with largest amount in the universeIf we look at the whole universe, hydrogen is actually having a proportion of 91% in all kind of elements. In other words, most of the universe is composed by hydrogen.

Atomic number 1
The atomic number of hydrogen is “1”. It has a simple construction of one proton and one electron, and it is the smallest element in the universe.

Discovery of hydrogen
In 1766, Henry Cavendish of Britain has reported the nature of hydrogen in details in his thesis. Although he was recognized as the one who discovered hydrogen, the name hydrogen was actually named by Antoine Lavoisier of France in 1779.

High Manufacturing Technology that locks the hydrogen

  • Using high manufacturing technology likes manufacturing method of hydrogen reduction water (patent no. 3606466) during the manufacturing process of IZUMIO which filled with hydrogen.
  • Using the most high-tech water making facility
  • Using the Reverse Osmosis facility to wipe out the impurities in the water and manufacture the highly purified water.
  • The Reverse Osmosis facility is invented by the NASA of US to ensure the drinking water in space. From the tiny dust to minerals dissolved in the water are also being wiped out. Now it is using in desalination from sea water and the tree planting technology in deserts.
  • High pressure technology
  • Fill up the high pressured tank with highly purified water and hydrogen, and dissolve the hydrogen into the highly purified water.
  • Leak-free cheer pack
  • The container of IZUMIO is the 4 layered cheer pack. In order to prevent mixing up with other substances, the filling process is carry out under an absolutely clean environment.

* Made by 4 kinds of materials that have a high blocking effect towards gases. It prevents the invasion of gases outside, and also prevent the hydrogen in the water from leakage.
IZUMIO is made by manufacturing method (Patent No. 3606466) of hydrogen reduction water during the manufacturing process of “Hydrogen dissolving in water” and “Dissolved hydrogen water filling in the cheer pack”.